Performance at the opening of the Exhibition, September 21st 2009, Belgrade

Installation consisted of a big wooden cross, which was crookedly hanging from the ceiling of the gallery, splashed with red color which was then dripping into three buckets underneath the cross. That is the symbol of religious wars and killings done in the name of God and the Holly Cross, and so the cross "bleeds" the blood of all the victims.

-The third element was a performance. Six men dressed in black t-shirts and balaclava on their heads came out and sang Serbian anthem “Boze Pravde - God of Justice” . This performance spoke about interconnection between Church, State and extreme right organizations whose main representation is their ethnic belonging to Serbian state and Serbian Orthodox Church. The performance is showered by state anthem which in its context invites God to execute the justice for Serbs. Collective unconsciousness of the society accepted the anthem as a natural occurrence, calling God to help the nation. This is absurd in a secular state.



Dizajn: Predrag M. Azdejković